5 Factors to Consider When Acquiring a Domain Name

Posted on Monday, April 1, 2019

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5 Factors to Consider When Acquiring a Domain Name

  • How the domain name was previously used: A domain name’s history is important for a few reasons. Anyone wouldn’t want to build on a domain name that had a website that was flagged by others for fraud or a scam. When people search for the domain name in Google, a fraud or scam report would be harmful to the new brand, even if the website was completely different.

  • The type of landing page was used: If you are looking to buy a domain name for re-sale purposes,youshould be most interested in buying a name that wasn’t previously listed for sale. In addition, you should prefer to buy a domain name that didn’t have a “for sale” notice or any type of information alluding to it being for sale. If nobody else knew it was for sale, it will be easier to sell a name that hasn’t been pitched before.

  • Other extensions that are registered or developed: The more extensions in this keyword that are registered, the better. This means there are more potential buyers as others found these keywords valuable, and the .com trumps all others. In addition, other developed extensions mean that there will inevitably be traffic to the .com and probably a company that wants to upgrade to the .com.

  • Domain age: Although this might not be all that important for search engine rankings for a developed website, a domain name that has been registered for many years indicates that the keyword has been valuable for a long period of time. You should also look to see how long other TLDs have been registered, as older names in alternative TLDs is a good indicator of value in the .com.

  • Number of developed .com names with the keyword or keyword string: If there are a number of end users that operate websites using the exact keyword or keyword string, it’s likely there will be interested buyers who want to upgrade. It would be super expensive of course, but an exact match domain name like this could benefit a company immensely......

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