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7 Dec 2017

First impression makes the difference

Image and appearance are one of the most important factors when considering building a full functional website.   It’s the first thing visitors take into consideration when deci..
15 Oct 2017

Wishing you a happy Diwali

Here's hoping this festival of lights brings your way, bright sparkles of contentment that stay with you through the days ahead. WISHING YOU A VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS DIWALI Team DTI..
11 Oct 2017

Creativity is a wild mind & disciplined eye

When it comes to logo design, anything can be tricky to achieve. In the process of inovation, we ensured that logo remains memorable and distinctive.   The proper use of colors, typogr..
15 Aug 2017

Celebrating 10th years of service

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Partners,   We wish you a happy Independence Day   India's Independence is more special for us, We are now 10 years old. DTITS India came ..
10 Aug 2017

We've just launched another new website!

Welcome to  new and improved Shanti Natural website. With a fresh look and feel and intuitive design, this new website is designed with global client in mind.   We understand toda..
3 Aug 2017

Be aware ! Today is Earth Overshoot Day 2017

The day by which the human race has used up more natural resources than can be replenished in a year—known as Earth Overshoot Day —has been getting earlier for some time. But in 2017, i..
2 Aug 2017

Why you need a responsive website ?

Once upon a time, website design was limited to a particular screen size mainly a desktop. With the increasing use of Mobile & Tablet PC, If anyone tried to access your site from anything other..
28 Jul 2017

Tips for Designing a Great Logo

A logo is not precisely a proving ground of your designing skill. It is progressively a attempt of your design insight and introduction sense.   Each logo has a story to tell. In the e..
24 Jul 2017

Renowned Indian scientist and academician Professor Yash Pal passed away

Renowned Indian scientist and academician Professor Yash Pal passed away on June 24. While the cause of death has not been determined, the 90-year-old was reportedly a cancer survivor and died at h..
22 Jun 2017

5 Factors to Consider When Acquiring a Domain Name

How the domain name was previously used: A domain name’s history is important for a few reasons. Anyone wouldn’t want to build on a domain name that had a website that was flag..
22 Jun 2017

Sree Mahavir emerges as one dominant market player in telecom industry

Sree Mahavir was incorporated in 1992 and since then the Company has been creating milestones in the Telecom industry. Sree Mahavir has emerged as one of the dominant market players in South De..
15 Jun 2017

Visit website .Find doctors in your area online and get best medical care

ABOUT DoctorIma It gives us immense pleasure to present before you website of Doctors Interactive Medical Alliance.  We are the biggest representative of doctors practicing modern system..
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